How to Encourage Your Kids to Eat Healthier

It’s a familiar problem to most parents – how can you convince your child to eat that broccoli on their plate or choose fruit as a snack? Parents have a lot of competition in the marketplace today, with brightly colored and highly sugared and processed foods taking up a lot of space on TV and […]

What Happens When You Stop Eating Meat?

Have you considered adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet? Only about five percent of people in the United States are vegetarian, and another two percent is vegan. Vegetarians don’t eat meat (though some eat fish) while vegans don’t eat any animal products at all. If you are thinking of cutting out meat, here are some […]

Tips to Help Restore Your Gut Health

 A lot of research is being done on gut bacteria and researchers are finding surprising evidence that the bacteria making a home in your gut has a lot more to do with your overall health than ever thought. Your gut uses the bacteria that dwells inside to process the food you eat and turn it […]

Are Food Health Claims True?

When you walk down the aisle at your grocery store you’re more than just a person shopping for food to feed yourself and your family – you’re a consumer. And as a consumer, food companies are trying to sell you on why you should choose their product over all the others. Look at any box […]