Are Food Health Claims True?

snacksWhen you walk down the aisle at your grocery store you’re more than just a person shopping for food to feed yourself and your family – you’re a consumer. And as a consumer, food companies are trying to sell you on why you should choose their product over all the others. Look at any box of food on a shelf and you’ll see claims made about the ways it’s healthy for you, but what’s the truth? Read on to find out!

Whole Grains

You know by now that whole grains are a very important part of a healthy diet, but what about all the products that claim to be made from whole grains? Well, it is true these things have whole grains in them, but often those whole grains can be canceled out by sugar content. Plus, there’s no requirement for how much whole grain needs to be in something for it to be considered whole grain – so it could say it’s made from whole grains but in reality, be made from mostly white flour.


When a product says it’s natural, or all natural or even made with natural flavors, what does that even mean? Well, fast food can be considered all natural, so that doesn’t really seem to translate into food that is actually good for you. The fact of the matter is that until there’s a universal definition for food that is natural, with no artificial ingredients or colors and is unprocessed, then the words don’t carry a lot of weight.

Made with Real Fruit

You see this claim made a lot, and while it may seem like a good thing it’s probably not. When fruit is highly processed all the stuff that makes it good for you is processed out too. That can leave just the fruit sugars, which are arguably the worse part of a piece of fruit. So, just because it says it’s made with real fruit doesn’t mean it acts like real fruit when you eat it.

Low-Fat and Fat-Free

Have you ever stopped and thought about what they replace the fat in foods with when they make them be lower in fat or fat-free? Well, read the nutritional information because most of the time it means a lot of added sugar (which is fat-free!) or other highly processed substances. It’s not better for you to be missing the fat because to make it taste good they have to add something.

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