Are You Headed For a Stress Induced Breakdown?

At some point in your life you have been stressed, this is a fact true to absolutely everyone who has ever graced this earth. Stress can unfortunately come in many varying forms. Whether you’re a college student cramming for finals or pulling an all nighter, a mother who has to juggle parenting and a busy work schedule, or even an employee who has several deadlines to meet before the next 48 hours are complete.

One thing that rings universally true for stress is that it never comes at a good time; there really is no good time to be under stress. Life is difficult enough as it is without being under other unwarranted pressures.

Stress is among one of the leading factors for the average person living in the United States to become sick (both mentally and physically), to develop anxiety, to lose their jobs or even end relationships.

Doing all you can to aleviate stress in your life will drastically increase the health of you body and mind. Easier said than done right? Well, what if you knew the warning signs and pitfalls to at least try to avoid in regards to stress? Below are a few signs that you can look out for in your daily life or in the lives of others around you, to try and steer clear of unnecessary stressors in your life.

Feeling Overly Anxious

Anxiety can be crippling to people, especially in high pressure situations. Feeling anxious is normal, given certain circumstances. Feeling anxious and unable to control things happening to and around you, is a sign that you need to take a break and relax. Down time for one’s self is sometimes the best way to alleviate these feelings. Dealing with anxiety as it comes on is something that should always be done, as it has the tendency to snowball and really take over anyone who doesn’t take time to relax.


Not Acting As You Normally Would

Everyone typically has a spectrum of behavior that is deemed ‘normal’ for them, and their given personality traits. When stress really starts to kick in, acting normal goes right out the window. Becoming irritable, angry and generally not a nice person to be around is always cause for concern.

The inability to focus can also be a precursor to stress or mental breakdown. When your mind is elsewhere and you cant complete tasks, this is because both your body and mind are out of sync.

If you have any of these things going on in your day to day life right now, it may be a good idea to step back, take a load off, relax and re-assess. Talking things over with those close to you often helps with the ability to manage all of the things in your life that may be causing the build up to a stress overload.


Make sure to consult your primary care physician or chiropractor for all health related advice.

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