Chiropractic and Your Infant

baby bentrupWhen most of us think of chiropractic care, we tend to imagine sore, stiff backs, or sports related injuries. New evidence and studies are proving that chiropractic is beneficial for infants in many different ways. A study in The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health recently published a study involving an 8 week old female infant, who was having difficulty breastfeeding, and who subsequently underwent subluxation based chiropractic care. It goes on to explain that after three spinal and cranial adjustments, the patient latched on and was able to breastfeed for 20 minutes with no difficulty, and continued to feed normally after that. An article in Science-based Medicine reports that studies have shown that chiropractic can help children, not just with typical back and neck pain complaints, but also with issues as varied as asthma, chronic ear infections, colic and bed-wetting. That’s a whole lot of hope for parents out there! Read on to discover a few more reasons why exposing your child to chiropractic at such a young age may be beneficial.


Many parents report that chiropractic can help provide relief from colic. Colic is a digestive issue, so pressure applied that helps ease the movement of milk through the bowels is beneficial. Dr Simon Floreani, of the Chiropractors Association of Australia says that the process to manipulate baby’s spine, finger point pressure instead of cracking, “coaches the nervous system to be coordinated and calm.”

Ear infections

Ear infections can be excruciatingly painful, especially in children and babies. With 10 million new cases every year, ear infections (otitis media) are the most common illness affecting babies and young children, and the number one reason for visits to the pediatrician—accounting for more than 35 percent of all pediatric visits. Chiropractic can help by mobilizing drainage of the ear, and if they can continue to drain without a build up of fluid, they can then build up their own antibodies and recover more effectively. This is great news for parents who do not want their children on antibiotics or other drugs, or who are facing ear surgeries as a result of infections that never cleared up.

Overall health

Chiropractic is reported to prove helpful in the following areas: Encourages good neural plasticity (brain and nerve development), supports the child’s overall health and well being, helps to strengthen the child’s immunity and potentially reduce the incidence of colds and general illness, helps with irritable Baby Syndrome, encourages good spinal posture, and helps alleviate digestive issues. 


***The statements above are not meant to treat and/or diagnose any conditions. Please consult with your doctor, health care provider and chiropractor before embarking on any changes in you or your childs healthcare. 

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