Chiropractic for Arthritis: The benefits.

Happy elderly coupleMillions of people suffer from arthritis. There are well over one hundred different types of arthritic conditions, the most common being osteoarthritis (OA) – often referred to as Degenerative Joint Disease or DJD – and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Osteoarthritis consists of a low-grade inflammation that wears down cartilage and decreases the amount of synovial fluid – the substance that cushions and lubricates the joint areas. Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory disorder that causes the immune system to attack its own joints. Arthritis can affect both young and older people. 

Unfortunately, the most common symptom of arthritis is pain. As a result, individuals with arthritis often seek out chiropractors for natural arthritic pain relief. While there is no definitive cure for arthritis, chiropractic can help ease the pain! People who suffer from arthritis often possess joints that are subluxated (locked up) as a result of cartilage breakdown. The pain then occurs when the exposed joint ‘irritates’ the joint nerves. Specific chiropractic techniques can help relieve pain from arthritis by safely correcting the subluxated joints. Also, these regular adjustments can help keep arthritic individuals more mobile and in turn, these manipulations can reduce potential stresses that can cause further discomfort. Most arthritic conditions benefit greatly from Chiropractic treatment and should be considered as an adjunct to medical care. If you receive chiropractic treatment, perform regular and gentle exercise and improve your diet, it is possible to reduce the need to take anti-inflammatory medication. This is because chiropractic is a highly effective therapy in helping to control the symptoms of arthritis!

Chiropractic adjustments are generally painless for most patients. Many research studies have recognized the safety and helpfulness of chiropractic care. Chiropractors are able to identify when damage due to arthritis is outside of their scope of practice and they will then refer patients to the appropriate medical specialist as needed. Research has shown that chiropractic treatment through manipulations and adjustments of the spine and nerves helps in improving the various conditions of arthritis.

Medication is obviously effective in the sense that it responds to the overlying pain. Chiropractic treatment on the contrary, seeks to erase the underlying pain and discomfort without incurring any harmful medicine-related side effects. If you suffer from arthritis, your doctor of chiropractic can help you plan a program that will aid in restoring the lost range of motion to your joints. In addition your chiropractic doctor can provide you with nutrition and supplement advice that can be helpful in controlling and reducing joint inflammation.

Don’t take arthritis lying down! See your Chiropractor today!

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