Eating Habits of Naturally Slim People


Weight management is about far more than just calorie intake. In addition to genetics, exercise habits and dozens of other influences affect our shapes and sizes. Many of the habits of “naturally slim” people may not be deliberate, but one can consciously adopt them. Over time, like any other habit, they’ll become second nature, and help you to achieve a diet-free weight loss system.

Move around more

Did you know that moving around, ie: being fidgety can burn as many as 350 calories a day – the equivalent of a 60 minute walk, at 4 miles an hour. Tap your toes, move around in your chair, move your hands, stretch frequently, take stairs – you get the picture. Taking any opportunity to move around will not only help lose pounds, but will inspire creativity, as movement enhances circulation!

Focus on your meal

Eating without distractions is key in realizing just how much food you are putting in your body, what types of foods are going in, and when you are full. While it may be efficient to do several things at once, people who eat mindfully and without distractions tend to eat less and feel more satisfied. Start slowly – commit to eating at least one meal a day without external distractions.

Customize your meal

Thankfully, it has become the norm more and more these days, so we aren’t left being the so called “difficult diner.” If you watch a naturally slim person eat, you’ll most likely notice that they leave off the bun, or substitute bread and carbs for greens, water instead of soda etc. This isn’t about dieting, it’s about making logical choices when it comes to your meals. Ask yourself if you really need those extra sides, buns, or whatever it is that may even leave you feeling sluggish and tired afterward.

Watch your portion size

Most of us were brought up with the old eat everything on your plate rule. However, things have certainly changed – plates are a lot bigger now, and so are portion sizes. There is no need to waste your food however – at a restaurant, cut your meal in half and have the rest the next day, and find ways to be inspired and imaginative with leftovers! Eat when hungry, stop when full and prepare portions that are sized appropriately.

Munch on more goodness

Ever find that you are eating just for the sake of eating? Most naturally slim people don’t consider that an option. They eat more mindfully, paying attention to what they are tasting. When you eat like this, the experience of eating something that is not flavorful, or is actually unsatisfying becomes so disappointing that it doesn’t then make sense to carry on eating. Eat foods you actually love, and eat with care and grace, savoring each bite, and allowing your belly time to catch up and let you know when it’s full.


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