Eau Naturale: Natural Skin Remedies For Fall

Good skin care for your face

For many of us, the change in season brings about drier, flakier skin and allergies! Not attractive! The lower levels in humidity, although welcomed, can leave our skin itchy and parched. Thankfully, there are some magic tricks that you can perform naturally and easily, all from the comfort of your own home, pantry and fridge!

Drink up!

Inner hydration is the best way to begin. Keep your skin moist from the inside out with ample amounts of H20, juices, herbal teas and fruits and veggies with high water content such as cucumber, lettuce, tomato, green peppers, cauliflower, watermelon and spinach. Fall is also a great time to experiment with soups that not only satisfy hunger pangs on cool nights, but hydrate too.

Olive oil

Used for centuries as a natural skin and hair care treatment, olive oil is the all around multi-tasker. It grooms and moisturizes dry cuticles, hands and elbows, it can remove make-up and conditions flaky skin. If your skin is feeling extra dry, add a drop of olive oil to your normal moisturizer for an extra dose of anti-oxidants and conditioning.

Exfoliate with ease

Turn to your fridge for some help with your skin. Yogurt, especially of the plain thick Greek variety, makes an excellent cleanser and mild natural exfoliant, removing dry, scaly skin and leaving you feeling silky smooth and hydrated. It’s especially beneficial for dry and irritated skin as it uses gentle lactic acid as opposed to harsher scrubbing granules. Extra dry? Try a mask made of Greek yoghurt and mashed up papaya. A homemade scrub made of brown sugar and the aforementioned olive oil will gently buff your skin to a newfound, well moisturized shine! 


A little organic honey on your lips after a gentle buff with a washcloths will remove dry flaky skin from your lips. Leaving them oh so soft and smooth! Honey is a natural antibacterial and will create a moisture barrier for your delicate skin.

For puffy eyes

With the change of season come dreaded allergies, which means that your eyes may often be puffy and swollen, and have dark bags underneath them. Soothe your swollen peepers with a cool, chilled teabag on each eye – chamomile and black teas work great.

These tips are not meant to diagnose any serious skin ailments or diseases. Please consult your doctor before embarking on any new treatments. 


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