Follow your GUT! Chiropractic Care and Stomach Health

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Over the past few decades, Chiropractors, holistic practitioners, and alternative health specialists have realized that the root of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ health starts in the gut. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and Ayurvedic medical practices have known this, and have been providing alternative forms of treatment and ‘gut’ wellness for centuries. 

More and more, Chiropractors are dealing with patients suffering from chronic pain who are looking for an alternative solution to drugs. What makes a Chiropractor so different than a typical doctor is that they think outside of the box.  Instead of providing drugs that would mask symptoms, they are constantly investigating and trying to determine the underlying, or root causes of disease and chronic pain. Of course, medication may be beneficial to reduce symptoms, but many times there is a more comprehensive approach that can be taken to actually fix the problem and not just cover up the symptoms.  A cause of chronic pain that may be more typical than we think, could be the health of your gut!  Hippocrates is quoted as saying that all disease begins in the gut, and your Chiropractor can recommend ways to keep your gut healthy, and you pain free.

A few suggestions for healing the gut:


A specific Chiropractic adjustment realigns spinal misalignments (sublaxations) and restores nerve supply to the deficient organs. This approach aids the body’s innate ability to heal, and works to balance out your body and life force in order to enhance organ function and improve the quality of life. Keep in mind that the nerves of the body all connect to the spine, if the spine is out of alignment, some of these nerves can get pinched and therefore will not be able to function properly. The lower part of the spine is where a lot of the intestinal nerves are connected. Thus, keeping all of this in proper alignment will allow your intestine to work properly.


Add ‘good bacteria’ to your diet. High quality probiotic supplements and fermented foods and beverages contribute greatly to stomach health. Miso, live yogurts, kefir, and kombucha are all chock-full of these benefits!

Fats and oils

Coconut oil, preferably organic cold pressed, contains medium chain fatty acids that are easily converted into energy. It is also anti-microbial and anti-fungal, another remedy for getting rid of your gut issues. Consider adding Chia seeds which also contain omega-3, and krill and fish oils. Cold pressed virgin olive oil is also a great source of omega-6.

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