Free your mind, the rest will follow!

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When considering our reactions to the world around us, ask yourself if you are free and open in your thinking, and in your approach to others. Are you suspicious and guarded, or trusting and open? If you find that your day to day activities and thoughts are shrouded in mistrust, anxiety and intolerance, bear in mind that carrying the stress of those thoughts and feelings can in fact manifest negatively in our bodies. Being rooted in a fear based lifestyle only perpetuates stress and negativity. Believe it or not, our bodies respond to the signals we send. If we are happier, and less anxious, our bodies thrive better, our immune systems are stronger, and a general sense of wellbeing prevails. Here are some ways to free up your mind, and get those good juices flowing!


Learn a new hobby, go to more artshows, listen to different music. All these things teach us that we are not as alone as we think. Once we realize just how truly connected we are to the world at large around us, it becomes easier to be more free, to reserve judgement of others, and be more open minded. 

Watch your body language. 

Do you often sit with your body closed off, arms folded, legs crossed away from the people you are talking to? Do you have a hard time making eye contact? All these movements send negative signals to people. It is a subtle way of saying that you “don’t really want to be there” or that you are feeling uncomfortable. Unfortunately, as humans, we tend to mimic our environment, if someone is approaching you with hesitation and distrust, we can easily manifest the same back. These little habits can be broken over time, as all habits can. Make an effort to be more aware of what your body is actually saying. 

Be kind to yourself. 

Negative thoughts prevail. If you are constantly telling yourself that you are not good enough, or that you cannot do something, inevitably you will start to believe that others feel that way about you too. This assumption can bleed into every avenue of your life; your job, your friends and your family. Repeat positive mantras and treat yourself well. We are quite often our own worst enemies… but that can all be changed with a little mind training to be more mindful, and kind to yourself!

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