Garlic for the Win! Everything You Need to Know

garlicGarlic is a true wonder. It’s smelly, it’s tasty and it even has several health benefits. Garlic is definitely something you need more of in your life, so the first thing you should do is get rid of that pre-minced jar of garlic in your fridge, get yourself some of those stinky bulbs and follow this guide to getting the most out of garlic.

Why Garlic is So Good for You

Garlic has been used medicinally for centuries, and its antibacterial properties have been studied and proven today. Garlic contains a chemical called alliin. When you chew alliin, a reaction occurs that destroys free radicals that wreak havoc on the health of the cells in your body.  It also boosts your immune system, may help to reduce blood pressure, is full of vitamins and minerals but low in calories; it may even help to strengthen your bones.

Garlic is something that can be eaten very liberally by most people, but if you’re on blood thinners or are prone to stomach ulcers you will want to talk to your doctor first.


Garlic is easy to store, you just need to find a cool and dry place. Sunlight and moisture are garlic’s worst enemies, so leave it unpeeled on a shelf. It needs ventilation too, so if you store it in a bag then use one made of mesh or use a wire basket. Kept in these conditions, garlic can last three to five months.

Peel It Quick

Some people don’t want to use fresh garlic because it can be a real pain to peel, but there’s actually a very easy way to peel a lot of garlic fast. All you have to do is smash a whole bulb of garlic shoot-side-up with the heel of your hand. Put the cloves in a glass jar with a lid and start shaking. Vigorous shaking should peel the garlic in about 15 seconds.

Control the Strength

The more the garlic clove is broken up, the stronger the flavor is going to be. So, if you’re looking for a lot of garlic flavor you should puree, mince or crush it. For a milder flavor, slice it.

You can also let it sit for a few minutes after cutting it up to get the most flavor and nutrition out of it. When garlic is exposed to the air after being cut it will give the healthy compounds in it a boost.

Clean Up

Garlic can be quite strong, and if you don’t want the smell lingering on your hands simply rub your hands on stainless steel to get rid of the smell. The stainless steel will remove the residue from your hands and they’ll be good as new.

Use these tips to get more garlic into your diet – you just can’t go wrong with garlic for your health and your taste buds!

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