Get Healthy: Next Time You Order, Hold The Mayo

In the land of condiments, the United states is a dream for anyone who likes to add a little of this, or a little of that to whatever it is they’re about to gorge on. Aside from the top sellers of ketchup and mustard, mayonnaise is right up there in popularity. Sadly, because of things like this in the way in which the average American’s diet is structured, heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity are among the really big dangers facing many who reside in the U.S.


In fact, the United states consumes roughly $2 billion worth of mayo in a single year. Because mayo is typically sold in large containers, and added to large meals, the consumption with each sitting is usually quite large too.

Mayonnaise is absolutely packed full with fat, and it’s tremendously high in calories and salt too. With no protein to offer, no vitamins, minerals or nutrients of any kind, in essence, mayonnaise is just flavored fat. So the next time you want to reach for something to add a little flavor to your burger, why not try these much healthier choices.

It may not go so well on any poultry you may eat, but Greek yogurt is healthy because it provides roughly eight calories and one and a half grams of protein and calcium to anything you eat it with. This is far better in nutritional value than anything mayo will ever be able to provide. Popular uses are in things like salads or with fruit.

Anything low in fat is an automatic upgrade from mayonnaise in the health department. Low fat cottage cheese is a great alternative to any dish, as its similar to mayo in taste and much more nutritious. One tablespoon of low fat cottage cheese has roughly 18 calories, zero cholesterol and two and a half grams of protein.

One of the better substitutes for mayonnaise is the vitamin packed pesto. With a unique taste, it enhances any meal, and it has minerals and antioxidants that benefit the body too. With vitamins A and C, as well as iron and calcium, pesto is clearly the wiser choice.

A new comer in the mayo replacement game, Nayonaise is making quite the name for itself, literally and figuratively. The vegan alternative to mayo, Nayonaise is made from soy and is loaded full of vitamin B13 and omega-3 fatty acids.

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