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We often think of health insurance as a way to procure healthcare services and medical care at a fraction of the normal cost. Health insurance companies have always been known to provide us with options to make healthcare realistic and affordable, helping us avoid the astronomical out of pocket price tags that we see attached to so many healthcare services.

In 2015, health insurance is more of a luxury than a guarantee. Before President Obama took office, there were more than 50 million individuals in a population of over 330 million that lacked any sort of health insurance. While certain policies have helped reduce the number of uninsured Americans, there is still a lot more work to be done.

United Healthcare is one of the leading insurance companies in the United States, meaning that they provide health insurance to a significant proportion of the population and cover a lot different services. For some time now, United Healthcare has gone beyond the traditional definition of a health insurance company with a new initiative that is providing numerous individuals in the Midwest with fresh food and consistent access.

The United Healthcare Healthy Savings Program is a health plan where individuals in Illinois and Indiana sign up for the program and receive a membership card in the mail. This membership card will help individuals in the Healthy Savings program accrue savings of over $150 in healthy food purchases made by over 140 different brands. When presented with a membership card at the checkout, more than 40 stores will scan the card and the savings will keep coming.

The Health Savings program is only available to individuals with a United Healthcare insurance plan but in this region of the country, having a plan with this company is actually quite common. The foods and drinks covered in the program have been scored according to the Guiding Stars nutrition guidance system as a way to identify certain foods as healthy and nutritious.

With improved access to healthy foods and economic incentives to improve health and wellness, United Healthcare is truly going above and beyond its duty as an insurance provider. Many other healthcare companies are taking notice, offering their own personalized wellness plans and incentives. This may include money towards gym fees or free wellness classes.

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