Going Beyond : Antigravity Yoga

For many, yoga is difficult enough without throwing in any added extras. Holding poses, breathing correctly, focusing, listening, all of these and more are done simultaneously for much of the duration of a yoga class. However, for those who have mastered the simple poses and breathing and are looking for something a little more challenging, your prayers have been answered.


Look no further than antigravity yoga. It sounds futuristic, but its roots are embedded very much in the yoga you know and love. The man difference in the two practices is that antigravity yoga is performed in the air, suspended. Many people who pick up the practice are finding that it not only helps them better perform yoga, but it’s aiding in their weight loss, toning of their muscles, and increasing their strength.

Antigravity yoga is typically performed using a yoga swing. Yoga swings are made from parachute or soft silk material often used to make hammocks, and look much like bed sheets that wrap around various parts of the body. The swing is hung from the ceiling, and is able to hold body weight as you perform different poses (Think Cirque Du Soleil). Antigravity yoga is different from any other form of yoga in that it enables you to lose weight by challenging you to rely on the use of your muscles while suspended above the ground. Many of the poses call for you to be upside down and hang, this helps to decompress the spine, and the swing enables you to hold poses for longer and in a better/correct position, forcing you to hold your own body weight throughout the yoga session can really help the body become stronger, toned and centered.

Antigravity yoga works wonders for those looking to strengthen their core, branch out and seek more challenging practices of yoga, and increase flexibility as well. The rigorousness of the practices varies, but the extremely intense ones burn fat and calories at a pretty intense rate. All these things, along with body awareness, calm and relaxation are just a few of the many benefits of antigravity yoga.

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