Habits That Lead to a Happier Life

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Happy people are better able to focus on positivity and are typically able to work harder, work faster, and be more productive. Read on to discover ways to find out some good habits that you can incorporate to experience more happiness!

Dear Diary

Keeping a “happiness” journal is a wonderful way to maintain perspective when things are falling down around you. Journaling about positive experiences allows your brain to relive them, helping you to focus on the good things. It also helps you to develop the ability to see the glass as half-full, and look on the bright side of life. When you are feeling down, you can go back and re-read the pages. Focusing on all those good memories may be the perfect pick-me-up you need to help boost your mood.

Enjoy The Little Things

Life is full of little pleasures and treasures. By teaching yourself to appreciate the good things that come your way, you’ll develop a habit that will leave you feeling happier, more energized and better able to handle stress. Find the meaning in small things such as kind gestures and words, good weather, flowers, or anything at all.

Practice Gratitude

Studies show that this kind of behavior is associated with a sense of overall happiness. It is easy to lapse into a “why me” attitude, but practicing the simple skill of saying “thank-you” and feeling gratitude for the good things that come your way wil help to change your overall mind-set.

Give More Than You Receive

The act of giving will greatly improve your happiness. Ever noticed how the people you admire who appear to be happier quite often volunteer at a shelter, or find it easy to share what they have with others? Giving doesn’t mean just physical things either. Your time, smiles, love and energy are all valuable tools that you own that can promote happiness in yourself and others.

Exercise More

Exercise is the perfect way to boost serotonin production and release feel-good endorphins. It also helps you to relax, fights stress, strengthens immunity and keeps your body and mind stronger and healthier. All of which can lead to a happier you.

Take It Outdoors

A good dose of sunshine is just what you need to naturally improve your mood. Being outside, communing with nature and breathing in fresh air all contribute to a more positive sense of wellbeing and happiness. Just twenty minutes a day of Vitamin D will help you to fight depression and anxiety. 


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