Holiday Excuses To Avoid In Order To Stay Fit & Healthy


With Thanksgiving comes the ludicrous amount of food being prepared, and the number of reported tummy aches increasing tenfold. Because so much of the holiday season is focused on feeding large families until every individual is put into a food coma, we tend to gorge on just about everything that is placed in front of us, all with no remorse or regard for our overall well-being.

We often make excuses for why we eat so much during the holidays, but many of these excuses are just reassurances we tell ourselves to get away with nutritional murder. Eating healthy and taking care of your body and mind, as well as taking into account your overall health, should be a priority all year round, and especially during the holidays where food is laid before you in a buffet style.

As hard as it may be, not letting these common excuses derail you, can help you to be healthier when the New Year arrives.

Excuse #1-It’s Only A Once A Year Thing

While this may be true, it doesn’t give you the freedom to derail your healthy eating habits. Sure a cheat day is allowed on just about any eating plan, but wolfing down mass amounts of pie, turkey and other foods, really adds up in a hurry. One or two days out of the holiday season won’t make a dent in your healthy eating habits, but leftovers start to pile up, and that’s how things go awry. So say adios to leftovers and enjoy the holidays in a smart, healthy way.

Excuse #2-My Family Doesn’t Make Healthy Meals During The Holidays

When there’s a will, there’s a way. If you’re not surrounding yourself with healthy food choices, you won’t make healthy food choices. So, if need be, take matters into your own hands. Healthy eating is a mental game, so perhaps you prepare your own small meal for the holiday festivities, and still enjoy the company of your loved ones while eating smart.

Excuse #3-I Can’t Resist Large Portions Of My Favorite Foods

Hold yourself accountable. If you can’t, then get someone else to do it for you. Know your limit before you indulge in pie or ice cream, and if you think you won’t be able to stop at just one helping, have someone there to help you stay on the right path.

Excuse #4-I’m Too Busy to Workout Over The Holidays

A little goes a long way: perhaps you go for a nice run while the turkey is in the oven or you head out for a nice walk after dessert. Making time for exercise is crucial over the holidays if you’re looking to stay in shape and avoid that unwanted weight gain.


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