How That Diet Drink is Damaging Your Overall Health

Myths exist in our culture in a variety of different arenas, what you’d be surprised to know is that the foods that we consume and the drinks that we guzzle are probably hiding the most secrets and have the most myths attached to them. For instance, amount of people that truly know the meaning behind “natural” and organic” are staggeringly lower than they should be, and the one word that seemingly makes consuming as much of something as we do as a society okay in the eyes of many really doesn’t mean anything at all.


That word of course is “diet.” We see it slapped onto the front of a soda can and we automatically reach for it, as opposed to the brighter higher in calorie can sitting right next to it on the shelf. But just because a soda is diet, it doesn’t really mean that it’s all that much healthier for us overall.

The fact is, diet sodas are filled with genetically modified ingredients, just like their non diet counterparts, and actually work more against you in the area of weight loss. Along with only slightly lower numbers in calories and sugars, they have the same amount of artificial flavorings and additive, and a new study conducted by the American Academy of Neurology shows that they actually lead to an increased risk of depression in those that consume them regularly.

Numbers in these studies show that those who drink diet soda are 30 percent more likely to suffer from depression than those who do not drink it at all. In fact, the sugar sweetened versions of these diet drinks actually yielded a much lower rate of depression.

Eliminating soda from your diet is probably a wise adjustment in helping yourself stay healthy. There are many other drinks out there that provide a great pick up, just as the sugar fueled sodas do, all while being much healthier for you. Coffee and tea provide caffeine, and no sugar, additives, preservatives or syrups. Drinks like green tea even help lower blood pressure and boost brain function. Smoothies with fruits and vegetables in are nothing but vitamins, minerals and a mixture of ingredients that will lift the level of your overall health.


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