How These Foods Are Changing Healthy Eating Forever

Looking for something new in your diet, wanting to try out something fresh in your healthy lifestyle, or are you just looking to spice up your life in the food department? Well, if any of these are the case, you could try mono fruiting. One of the newest diet crazes sees you eating only one specific fruit for an extended period of time to ensure that you soak up all of the health properties it has to offer. Much more than just a diet, it’s a commitment, read more below to see what it’s all about.

The mung bean may be something you haven’t ever heard of, but read more and you’ll get to know the many benefits of this ingredient, and you’ll quickly find out why it’s becoming so popular. Aside from being proven to suppress cancer growth, this tiny little bean is great ting to consume for an easy way to lower bad cholesterol. All this and more is explained, so read on and get healthy.

 Is Mono Fruiting Safe?

The great thing about food is that there are so many different styles, types and variations that we as a human race can put together to concoct and to try. The possibilities really are endless when you sit back and truly think about all of the different foods that we are able to consume in a lifetime. Variety is what makes the world the place in which it is, so why are more and more people beginning to gravitate to the notion that a regimented and set list of foods is best for better health and dieting? This notion, and way of approaching a better, healthier lifestyle is baffling to many, especially since certain fruits provide us with different nutrients.

monofruitAlthough it’s certainly not a word you’ll find in the dictionary any time soon, as the phenomenon is still in its infancy, mono-fruiting, or eating one type of fruit without introducing any other fruits or foods into your diet for long periods of time, is a common dietary lifestyle that many are starting to partake in. Mono-fruiting goes far beyond only eating a strawberry or a banana everyday. Entire meals consist of one single, solitary fruit, and this is the basis of the diet.

Now, according to those who lead a mono-fruit lifestyle, there are little to no side effects from eating one thing for every meal. Some even claim that they are more clear in the body and mind, stronger physically and have better focus and attention. Many attribute these new feelings to a cleansing of the system so to speak. Eating only one thing, gives only one type of nutrient, everything else being flushed from the system once the lifestyle begins.

Those in the medical field, however, have obvious reservations about mono-fruiting. The reason why a good, healthy diet is classified as having everything in it, from a multitude of food groups and sources is because we as humans get our nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in different amounts, and forms from the food we consume. For instance, eating a banana every single day will give you as much potassium as your body needs, but it won’t give you nearly enough protein. Eating large amounts of fruit can also upset our digestive system and lead to unpleasant situations like gas, cramps and loose stool.

If you’re brave enough to try mono-fruiting, do it safely under the guidance of a professional. Telling others around you of your dietary changes and needs is important, as they can help monitor you as you drastically alter your lifestyle.

The Magnificent Mung Bean & Its Many Benefits

As early as 1500 BC, the mung bean has been used throughout the world, especially in Asia for a variety of reasons.. They have long since been valued for their high nutritional content, and used in desserts, pastes and soups. Mung beans are highly effective at inhibiting LDL cholesterol oxidation due to the potent free radical properties and phenol content found naturally inside the bean itself. The high protein peptides in mung beans are great for cardiovascular issues like blood pressure and heart disease.mung

The number of adults, let alone children, in the United States that are magnesium deficient is just staggering; the intake of magnesium per person, falls well below the recommended average. Incorporating mung beans into your diet will help fight that, and restore magnesium levels back to normal.

Scientists have discovered mung beans are effective at inhibiting oxidation in relation to heart disease. The bean targets high blood pressure and helps decrease constriction of blood vessels. It is helpful in diabetes as well, as the beans are a low glycemic food, meaning it helps regulate insulin levels. It also decreases triglycerides and decreases complications of kidney disease in diabetics.

Recent studies show the mung bean suppresses cancer growth of the liver, stomach, colon and cervical cancer cells; the bean helps to produce butyrate, which is one of the main components for killing cancer cells within the body, the compound gives protection up to 42% in reducing cancer risk.

Many who are looking to control their weight consume mung beans as a healthy snack. As there are no additives, salt, preservatives or the like in them, eating them gives nothing but nutrients. Up to 1.5 cups/ daily can help with controlling the satiety hormone; therefore you feel full faster and longer.

Once Inflammation has started in the body, a chemical called cytokines are triggered on, which generates more inflammation; mung beans can turn off this switch, helping to prevent complications or serious injury in those who are prone to mass inflammation.


Consult your primary care physician or chiropractor for any medical related advice.

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