How to Bounce Back After a Vacation

vacationVacation season has begun, and while that is a great thing for your mental health, it may not be all that great for the rest of you. It can be hard to get back in the swing of things after some time away, but these tested tips will help you get back in the swing after your vacation.

Pack in the Vegetables!

If you vacationed somewhere eating fresh vegetables wasn’t advised, welcome back! As you make your way back make sure to work in veggies where you can. When you’re at the airport, have a veggie snack instead of a bag of chips or pretzels. The fiber in veggies will help you to work out all that ultra-rich food you had while on vacation and help get your digestion back on track.

Water Up!

You may have had your, ahem, fair share of fun while on vacation, but the sooner you can start adding the water back into your system the better off you’ll be. In fact, just traveling by plane and eating out a lot can rob your body of the hydration you need, so slamming some water on your way back will help to get you back in fighting shape in no time.

Caffeine Conundrum

If your vacation was full of adult beverages then you should try to avoid caffeine and stimulants in order to give your body a reprieve. If you need tea, try to shoot for a caffeine-free version.

When You Get Home

The first thing you should do is not put off unpacking! It’s a really good way to transition from vacation to everyday life. Plus, it will help you to reorganize for the week.

Get Your Grocery On

If you’ve been away, the chances of having something healthy to eat in your home are slim to none. In order to make sure you don’t make excuses for yourself, get some healthy fruit and vegetables in your house as soon as you can. You may be tired, but don’t let your tired state reduce you to ordering out yet again once you get back to your humble abode.

Get Back into Your Routine

Even if you don’t have to go back to work right away, it’s not a bad idea to set your alarm and get back onto your regular schedule before you actually have to get back into it. Start going to the gym too, it will help you to feel more energetic and ready to transition back onto real life.

Your vacation was pretty great, but you’ll have an easier time coming back if you employ these tips!

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