How to Exercise While on Vacation

The main focus of travel and vacation is to sit back, enjoy the surroundings and relax. This is easier said than done when you are thrust into a completely new and unfamiliar routine and territory. Those who are rigorous and regimented about their gym workouts will understand exactly what this means. Stepping away from the norm for however long the vacation lasts, can often be troublesome and derail the regular pattern.

On the bright side, many resorts and places often frequented on vacation have their own gyms and facilities for vacationers to utilize. Even if this isn’t the case, the bags that are lugged around from airport to hotel room can often be used as make shift gym equipment.


Sticking with the Routine

Routines are set in place because they give structure and stability, this is true in any instance that these are implemented. A workout routine is no different, so skipping a workout on a vacation is not the best idea for anyone serious about their diet and exercise or overall health for that matter. The body becomes accustomed to a certain amount of physicality being inflicted upon it; cutting into the regimen will leave the body sore and fatigued. When there is a will there is a way, as the old adage goes. Get creative with workouts, heck, most vacations are on the beach, go for a run and do some push ups in the sand. Vacation workouts can still be fun.

Explore the Gym

If you belong to a gym franchise then you’re most likely in luck, the odds of finding another gym within the same franchise while on vacation increases exponentially this way. This is also an ideal time to get out and try a different gym, perhaps giving feedback to the franchise to let them know how you liked the new gym. Workouts do not need to cut into your vacation either, dedicated gym goers will get up early and hit the weights, then relax with the family for the rest of the day, or even sneak a workout in at night.

No Equipment No Problem

No beach to run on? No heavy luggage? No gym to sneak into for an hour or two? It doesn’t matter. Body weight exercises are also a great way to workout while away from the regular gym. Push ups, sit ups, lunges and more can all be done in the comfort of a hotel room. These exercises target all areas of the body and require little space and no equipment.

Vacations are meant for taking a load off, but if you’re like me, skipping workouts is not on the agenda, no matter how long i’m away from home. Making workouts interesting and fun, and using your surroundings can be a challenge but it can always be done.


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