Low Impact Workouts With High Benefits

Want to get a good workout but don’t want to place extra strain on your joints? You’re not alone. Low impact exercise is recommended for people who can’t, or don’t want to do high impact, or high intensity exercise. There are ways to get that blood going without placing unnecessary strain on your joints or bones, and help you burn calories and lose weight!

Some reasons why people may avoid high impact workouts are pregnancy, injuries in bones, joints or connective tissues, arthritis, osteoporosis, stress fractures, and obesity. While it is important to have some type of impact for healthy bones, you don’t necessarily have to be jumping around! You may however, have to push and workout just a tad more to reap optimum benefits!

Walk it out

Walking is probably the most common, and most popular form of low impact exercise. It is important though to remember to pickup the pace a little more to get your heart rate up. Use your arms when walking, and try mixing things up with walking on different terrain, and walking uphill.

Step it up

Step aerobics are a great alternative, especially if you enjoy choreographed exercise but don’t want the extreme pounding of high-low aerobics. As you’re typically stepping onto an elevated platform, you can get your heart rate up without doing any jumping.

Swim, little fishy, swim!

Start by doing some laps! Swimming is a great low impact exercise with tons of benefits ranging from strengthening the shoulders, to improving lung function. If laps get a little too repetitive, try a water aerobics class!

Stretch with yoga

Ease things up and add some spinal twists, downward dogs, and half moons to your routine. You’ll increase flexibility and mobility, leaving you lean and strong.

Row, row, row your boat!

Rowing is a wonderful way to get the same benefits of walking, while working out your back and shoulders and arms at the same time! Whether you are rowing by land or sea – you’ll reap some fabulous benefits!


Pilates will help you add flexibility, muscle strength and endurance – all without any jumping! This is a great choice for those who may suffer from back pain.  Those are just a few of the choices available – Talk to your chiropractic team and find out what form of low impact exercise would be best for you!

Remember to always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician before implementing any new exercise routines.

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