Manage Your Weight All Winter Long


You can still enjoy all aspects of the holidays without suffering the post-holiday blues and food related guilt that can sometimes accompany the season. Read on to discover simple ways to maintain balance, health and wellness during this busy and festive period.

Don’t go hungry!

This is key to prevent overeating! Bear in mind that it takes less calories to prevent hunger than it does to deal with it once it strikes and you are ravenous. You’ll find yourself less likely to be dipping into unnecessary calorie laden appetizers and treats if you maintain the habits of eating three balanced meals a day to keep your hunger at bay. Withholding food from your body for hours at a time can lead hypoglycemia, a slow and sluggish metabolism and may prompt the pancreas to release more fat-storing insulin when you do finally eat. In addition to the negative effects on your body, hunger can bring out feelings of anxiety that may lead you to reach for unhealthy foods and snacks. Have a quick snack such as fresh fruits or vegetables before you head out to holiday dinners to prevent overeating, and stay as hydrated as you possibly can. This will help your kidneys and liver to function at their best.

Maintain your workouts.

You may not have the time to pop out to the gym or your favorite workout class, but you can still incorporate exercise into your holidays. Exercise is a wonderful way to safeguard against holiday weight gain, and will help to compensate for any indulgences. It is also the perfect remedy to combat holiday stress and anxiety. Take a stroll with friends and family after or before a major feast, sign up for a holiday related race or walk, incorporate walking into your holiday shopping and make sure that you stretch to keep our body limber and strong.

Indulge moderately.

Try and keep your indulgences to a minimum. Alcohol for example will loosen inhibitions and leave you craving starchy junk foods that you don’t need. Don’t forget that many alcoholic drinks are high in calories, so even if you are watching what you eat, you may still be adding weight by what you imbibe. Make yourself drink a glass of water with every alcoholic beverage you consume. If you prefer other holiday goodies and treats, practice portion control and snack mindfully.


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.

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