Natural Sunburn Remedies

It’s springtime, which means that you are most likely spending a lot of time in the sun! The beach beckons, the outdoors are calling, and we are shedding all those heavy layers of clothing! Unfortunately, to go along with all the sunshine – we stand the risk of exposing ourselves to a little too much sun, resulting in the dreaded SUNBURN!! We’ve rounded up some natural sunburn relief remedies for your delicate skin!


Regular white household or apple cider vinegar will both work to soothe your skin. Spritz a mixture of vinegar and water over the affected areas or soak small towels in vinegar and lay gently over your skin. You could also bathe in a cool bath with 2-3 cups of vinegar poured in.

Aloe Vera

Tried and true, Aloe Vera has been studied and found to have excellent healing and soothing properties. Topical aloe gel has been found to help heal burns and abrasions.

If you are using fresh Aloe Vera for your sunburn, cut open the leaf and apply the pulp directly to your skin. Alternatively, apply pure Aloe Vera gel to your burnt bits for cooling relief.


Fill a bath with cool water and add about two cups of oatmeal, then take a 30 min soak. Alternatively, you could make an oatmeal paste and gently apply to the affected areas, taking care not to rub it in, as oatmeal is a natural exfoliant. Leave it on until the desired level of relief is reached, then rinse off gently with cool water.


Make cold milk compresses by soaking a clean cloth in a bowl with equal parts milk, ice cubes and water. Then hold the cloth on the burned area for five minutes. Repeat three times. The fat, protein and pH of milk have a soothing anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, and the vitamins and minerals in the milk will help regain some of the elasticity you lose due to sunburn. What’s more, cold temperatures constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling.

Lavender oil

This essential oil not only smells delectable, but it can also reduce the sting and pain on the affected areas. Applied directly or as a compress, lavender oil will help your skin to heal faster!


Last, but not least, rehydrate! When you have suffered a sunburn, you’re most likely dehydrated from being out in the sun for so long.

See a doctor if your sunburn is severe, you have a large amount of blisters, feel faint, or dizzy or nauseous from too much sun exposure. It is not recommend to apply tropical creams, gels or any other home remedies on blisters or open sores. Please consult your health care provider if any of these symptoms apply to you, or you feel unsure or need to confirm appropriate care.


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