Non-Traditional Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Company-sponsored wellness programs are becoming the norm, not the exception in the United States. There is a level of controversy surrounding company-sponsored wellness programs for employees, mainly regarding the requirements of participation for employees and the potential penalization for not participating. Either way, more and more employees across the country are buying into and even appreciating the new emphasis placed on wellness in the corporate culture, and they are catching on quickly.

Some of the common aspects of a wellness program include health education programs, nutrition programs, fitness screenings, certain body system monitoring, and smoking cessation programs. These wellness programs provide an interactive element to wellness throughout the company culture and increase the awareness of employees’ own wellness status. Employees acknowledge that wellness programs can lower the healthcare costs that they incur as well as increase company morale, and a level of gratitude is arising in employees that are provided with wellness programs by their company.

In an effort to diversify these corporate wellness programs and keep employee wellness interesting, companies are trying new initiatives that are “off the beaten path” of corporate wellness. Companies are looking outside the traditional realm of corporate wellness, including things aside from nutrition and smoking cessation programs.

One of the most common features that companies are adding to their wellness programs is the encouragement of using vacation days. Companies acknowledge that many employees do not take full advantage of their vacation days and taking time a way from work is crucial in terms of promoting wellness.

Mental health coverage is another item within the corporate wellness program that is becoming increasingly popular. This is a forward-thinking approach to wellness given that the infrastructure of mental health in the United States as inadequate. By offering employees the coverage to seek mental health services, companies are truly bringing a new level of wellness to their company.

A completely innovative approach to wellness is also starting to include tuition reimbursement to help employees with student debt, community volunteering, on-site events, and much more. Moving forward we can expect to see more companies trying something new in their approach to corporate wellness and with the inclusion of some of these forward-thinking elements, their goal of a happy and healthy group of employees will surely be accomplished.

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