Overhaul Your Mental Health With These Simple Strategies

calmOne of the things we often wish we had more of, especially throughout each day and throughout our entire lives, is time. Think about all of the things you could get done if you had just a little more time to do the things you wanted to. Sadly, wanting to squeeze every last drop out of the orange that is life, results in missing out on certain things; it trains us to want to do more things, instead of living life and appreciating the time we are given. There are far too many of us running around trying to get everything done on a long list of things to do, that we miss the important things that are already right in front of us.

Thanks to this “go, go, go” mentality here in the United States, stress is at an all-time high, and so too are stress and anxiety-related illnesses. Depression, heart attack and stroke are just three ailments that plague the population, and burning out due to feeling the need to get everything done right now, is often the root cause.

In order to combat this, we need to not only adjust our schedules and our expectations, but also the way in which we think and feel. Giving yourself a mental makeover can often be difficult, because stepping away and really assessing your life and your daily routine can be hard to do. Here are a few ways in which you can reassess and realign:

Create A Routine Of Calm

Being aware of our anxieties and the things causing us stress allows us to stop them from taking over our lives. Meditation, breathing and just a short amount of time taken from each day to stop, breathe, relax and come back to a calming place in our minds, can help us to deal with whatever it is life decides to throw at us that day.

Listen Up

A great way to unload stress is to listen. Venting to others, as well as hearing their issues, worries, concerns and problems, can help you to better appreciate the things you have, remain calm and practice mindful behavior regularly. Listening improves relationships and instills good mental health.


Asking yourself why you do things, assessing the important things in your life and coming to a better understanding of your own life can help you to better unload what you know to be unnecessary. Writing down your goals, wishes, dreams and desires, helps you to mentally prepare for the things ahead; it also helps you to be able to properly attack and obtain the things you want, and stress has no place on the agenda.


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