Are These Health Foods Good For You?

People are bombarded with suggestions on what foods are healthy, what they need more of in their diet and even superfoods that they dare not go one more minute without. Many of these foods are actually good for you, but many of the more trendy health foods may be anything but healthy. Keep reading to […]

Does Prediabetes Lead to Type 2 Diabetes?

You may have heard a lot of terminology thrown around about type 2 diabetes, but what does it all really mean? If you’re insulin resistant or prediabetic, does that mean you have diabetes even if you don’t test your blood sugar every day? When does diabetes become, well, diabetes? Hopefully, this information can help clear […]

Do You Believe These Nutrition Myths?

Fads come and go, but sometimes the myths persist – especially when it comes to nutrition. People have to rely on their own research because not everyone is a licensed dietician or chiropractor! How many of these nutrition myths do you still believe to be true? After Your Workout, Protein Shakes are Best The reason […]

Inflammation May Be Linked to Depression

Could inflammation be the cause of severe depression? New research seems to indicate that systemic inflammation of various biological systems in the body has been associated with psychological depression. Researchers theorize that because patients with chronic inflammation also have increased quantities of glutamate in the areas of the brain linked to motivation, there may be […]

Dentists May Be Able to RegenerateTeeth

New research has revealed it is possible to extract tooth germ cells from young mice, divide them in two, implant them into mice jaws, and have them develop into two new teeth. Within the burgeoning field of regenerative medicine, teeth are a primary focus. This is because not only are around 10 percent of people born […]