Pathway Genomics and the Future of Genetic Testing


Genetic testing

There are so many different avenues that we can take to achieve the best possible health outcomes for ourselves, but we often have no idea exactly what is best for us. Each individual is different, and health professionals that specialized in each and every aspect of our health and wellness are aware of the fact that treatment and prevention strategies need to be tailored specifically to each person they treat. Sure there are universal tactics to improve health and wellness, like a good diet, adequate exercise, improved sleep habits, and some others, but at the end of the day, we need to understand what our body is doing and what it is likely to do over time, in order to achieve the health outcomes that we desire.

One way to gauge an individual’s health status and what health conditions that the individual is prone to develop, is the use of genetics. When we assess an individuals genetic predisposition to develop certain conditions, we are better able to fully understand the health and wellness profile of that individual and thus form the best solutions to prevent these conditions.

For example, if a genetic profile points towards a certain likelihood to develop heart disease and we know that there is a history of heart disease in both sides of that individuals family, we can tailor that individual’s health and wellness plan around avoiding heart disease. Going even further, we can assess genetic markers that tell us about our metabolism, our energy levels, and much more.

Genetics provide us with invaluable insight into what we can do to prevent all kinds of health conditions. A new company based in San Diego called Pathway Genomics is changing how we view genetics as a whole. Pathway Genomics has a proven process of isolating 75 different genetic markers within an individuals overall genetic profile, in order to determine the likelihood to develop certain conditions, assess certain health behaviors’ impact on the future, and help individuals get a better idea of exactly where they are in their lives in terms of health and wellness.

Genomics and the use of genetics to determine health and wellness status may seem like an abstract concept to many, but in fact, it is becoming one of the most accurate solutions we have today. With more companies like Pathway Genomics incorporating the use of our genetic makeup into wellness promotion, there is no telling what we can do for health and wellness in the future.

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