Personality Traits That Make People Live Longer


Have you ever wondered what makes a person live longer than someone else?  Well there are some definite personality traits that are prevalent among people who have lived a very long time.  Check out the follow personality traits and see if you have any of them or if you can work on modifying some of your own.


People who live longer tend to be extroverted and less stressed and anxious.  Extroverts tend to have more friends around them and they look after themselves.  You can make the argument that introverts spend more time meditating and thinking about how to be more peaceful, but studies have found that extroverts are great at looking after themselves as well.  People who were less anxious and angry also lived longer.  This is thought to be because they deal with life’s situations better, causing them to be healthier.  Agreeable women tend to live longer as well.  


It may be no surprise to some that people who laugh a lot live longer than those who don’t.  I tend to have an easy laugh in which I find most things humorous.  I find myself feeling more relaxed and happier when I laugh, which makes sense that this would pave the way to a healthier and longer life.  People that laugh more tend to see life in a more positive light as well.  So positive people tend to live a lot longer.


Did you know that people who have strong relationships have a 50 percent higher survival rate than those who don’t?  That’s quite a bit!  Our friends and family not only nurture our minds, but they affect the outcomes of how long we live.  According to Huffington Post, “that constant interaction is not only beneficial psychologically but directly to our physical health.”

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