Preparation 101: Get All of the Nutrients From Your Favorite Foods

When aiming to maximize all nutritional value from your food, it is extremely important to remember that vegetables, fruits, and the other whole foods are living organisms. Because of this fact, each individual food item has its own built-in natural self-defense biomechanism. These mechanisms are put in place to protect them and prevent them from being harmed as they grow in their normal environments. With whole elements, such as carotenoids and flavonoids, the foods we consume help to protect us from health problems, as well as provide us with nutrients.steamed

So just how do you get the full potential from the food you eat? It all lies within the way in which they are prepared, stored and eaten. These tips will help you truly unlock all that the food you eat has to offer, at all times.

Without being altered from their natural state, nuts are jam-packed with protein, omega-6 and 3 fatty acids and minerals that the body needs in order to remain as healthy as possible. This being said, unfortunately, nuts also contain trace amounts of “antinutrients,” such as phytic acid and various enzyme inhibitors.

Antinutrients are not readily digestible in the stomach and can pull out all of the good minerals that the body is receiving from the nuts and other food. Minerals like calcium and iron are depleted thanks to anitnutirents in the body.

If you put the nuts you eat through a process called sprouting, they can retain the minerals and you can also gain bone density benefits. Sprouting a nut is done by soaking it in salt water for a significant amount of time (typically up to about an hour). This works because the nuts exposure to the water is similar to a process that happens to the nuts in nature, where the water causes the antinutirent enzymes to be broken down. Therefore, sprouted nuts have increased nutritional value to the body.

The typical method of preparing vegetables is to toss them in a pot, boil them until soft and eat. Well there’s a reason that the water you pour away after boiling is a little murky and gray; this is because the nutrients are sucked form the vegetables as they are boiled. Boiling vegetables literally leaches all of the valuable water-soluble nutrients and washes it away in the water it’s boiled in. Sauteeing or steaming vegetables is the best way to keep all nutrients intact.

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