Strange But True: 4 Ways To Rev Up Your Immune System

We all know the general rules for keeping our bodies and minds at the peak of their performance: eat well, rest, exercise regularly, cut down on foods and drinks that aren’t necessarily good for us, etc.

Now, whether you’re on a strict diet and exercise regimen, or you’re just someone that doesn’t really enjoy being sick, adhering to these basic principles is something you strive to do as often as possible. Well, no matter who you are, these things are far easier said than done. Keeping your immune system in check is one way that you can easily ward off bacteria, all without having to be as strict and regimented in other areas of your health. Aside from the more common instances of fortifying yourself from the inside out, there are a number of unorthodox ways you can up your strength, all by adopting some frequent practices into your everyday routine.


Sure, anyone can brush twice a day, but going that extra mile to actually floss every day can mean the difference between a small or large amount of bacteria festering inside your mouth. The same bacteria that causes gum disease is known to trigger inflammation throughout the remainder of the body, which can lead to illness. Not only will flossing protect and clean your mouth, it also helps you to ward off gingivitis, gum disease and even heart disease; regular flossing could potentially add roughly six years to your life.

Breathe Deep

It’s something we do everyday, and do not think twice about it; that is, until we cannot do it as freely as we desire. Both the flu and the common cold manifest themselves in symptoms pertaining to the airways, but something as easy as meditation and concentrated breathing everyday, can help you to fight off any chest congestion before it even begins. 

Specific breathing patterns that are found mostly in the practice of meditation, are proven to produce significantly more antibodies in the body. Just 20 minutes a day can help you to relax, unwind and stay healthy.

Get Sweaty

Working out is not only getting you ripped, helping you to lose weight and boosting your confidence, it’s also increasing the strength of your immune system. Even 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily can help to strengthen the natural virus-destroying T-cell and antibody response within the body.

Go Garlic

Not only does it fend off evil vampires, it does the same for dangerous microbes that threaten the immune system. Adding one or two cloves to your meals just once a week can provide the body with a number of antibacterial compounds such as allicin, which is needed to keep you healthy.


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