The 5 Things You’re Doing That Make Cravings Worse

Trying to curb your bad habits, especially when it comes to your food intake, can often be difficult; just ask anyone starting out on a healthy diet. Many people even adopt new habits that are deemed far healthier, in order to lose weight, stay healthy and live a junk food free lifestyle. Unfortunately for some, no matter how hard we try, many of our daily habits actually make cravings all the more intense and frequent. When this becomes the case, making healthy decisions becomes so much more difficult. That doesn’t mean you can’t do something to change your situation. Here are five of the more common mistakes that make cravings even worse; take note, and find your unique ways to get them under control.

friesYou Pile On The Guilt

It’s virtually impossible to come into a hangout where junk food is not the only thing on the menu. Birthdays, nights out and special occasions in general, usually call for cake, burgers and alcohol. It’s important to try to take delight in delicious food rather than feeling ashamed about eating it. It may sound strange, but feeling guilty may make you try to ignore your thoughts, which actually causes you to become all the more obsessed with the food you are swearing off.

You Try Willpower

Going cold turkey, trying to use nothing but sheer will power, often doesn’t work so well. This is because if the end result is giving in, it causes you to feel like you have failed. Eating that one slice of pizza in an otherwise strict and healthy diet, doesn’t make you anything but human and completely normal. If you are trying to stave off something you know is unhealthy, one effective strategy is to keep the mind occupied, reading, video games, board games, etc.

You Keep Temptation Around

The battle you go through every day, just by looking at the box of cookies or candy bars, is one that you can easily do away with. Preparing yourself to succeed, and preparing your brain and stomach to never have to crave or lust after unhealthy food, is as easy as not buying it. Having healthy fruits and vegetables around the house makes your cravings all the more healthy.

You’re Dieting

Believe it or not, dieters have more intense and much harder-to-resist cravings when compared to those who do not diet. Denying yourself certain foods and luxuries in the things you eat, makes you want them even more. Rewarding yourself with something small every day can help to diminish cravings in a hurry.

You Use Instagram Or Pinterest

In fact, just about any form of social media will have you staring at food in some way. Swearing off these picture sites that are sure to have delicious, but unhealthy food, all dolled up and glamorized, is an easy way to keep your mind focused on healthy eating.


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