The Connection Between Being Happy and Being Healthy



Researchers have found that there is a definite connection between being happy and being healthy. Your psychological well-being does affect your physical well-being. A look at more than 200 studies has revealed that being happy and having an optimistic outlook does result in a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

The study revealed that there are a number of factors that come into play to make a person happy, and it is the accumulation of them that produces better health. Part of the benefit is generated by the idea that being happier enables people to maintain healthy habits, such as exercising, sleeping better, and eating a diet that is more balanced.

When people are happier, they also enjoy other health benefits besides just having a healthier heart. They also have lower blood pressure, a healthier body weight, and better cholesterol levels. One more result from the study revealed that having a positive attitude also affects your body in a positive way. This is possibly because it is believed that there is a connection between being positive and having less inflammation.

A study that was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal reported that people who were 60 and older, were more likely to develop a disability within eight years if they were unhappy with life. While this study does not prove a connection, it does hint at a possible connection.

The study, although not conclusive, does reveal that happy people have an overall better health. This should provide a good reason to develop a happier attitude and lose the sour one. Taking steps to build a more positive attitude and get more satisfaction out of life can certainly have better results health wise. It is also good to know that money is not necessarily the key, either, because most people only want a little more.

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