The Smart Phone Has Officially Raised The Bar For Overall Health

One after the other, tech companies worldwide try to outdo the competition, and rightly so. With so many new and innovative devices being introduced to the world in such rapid succession, it’s no wonder that the newest model becomes the oldest in a matter of months. However, with each upgrade and reboot, typically comes something of value that the last model didn’t have.
Nothing could be truer than the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S5 into the mainstream. You guessed it, it’s the successor to the Galaxy S4 that came out just last year, but the modifications and upgrades are second to none.

Since health, fitness and healthy living are rapidly becoming part of daily life for so many, particularly in the United states, Samsung latched on and ran with this in regards to the new specifications to their newest cell phone.

The Galaxy S5, comes with a built-in heart rate monitor and an installed personal wellness app called S Health to help users keep track of their health and fitness measures at literally the touch of a button. The S Health app has a simple, intuitive design, and covers many aspects of wellness, including a nutrition diary and a pedometer to track your steps throughout the day as well as a section to help you monitor progress during activities such as running, cycling and hiking.

The folks at Samsung really did their homework on this one, as the heart rate monitor is built into the phone and comes as standard. In what almost appears to be just another cell phone camera, the heart rate monitor is attached to the back of the phone for easy access. The monitor is put in place so that users simply put their fingers against it and the phone reads and measures heart rate instantly.

The software built into the phone allows you to record heart rate a few times a day, over a period of time, so that you can review your heart rate average throughout the day or over the course of days. What appears to be the first of its kind, this certainly raises the bar for the technology to come. Making the lives of those dedicated to their health much easier, as well as giving access to the masses to be able to monitor their health if needed is a huge step in the right direction for better health as a nation.


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