The Unspoken Benefits of Eggs

What’s whipped, poached, beaten, whisked, cracked and boiled, but still loved the world over? That’s right, it’s the egg. Often overlooked as a healthy food, it’s seen more as a complement to any breakfast, giving the plate and your palate color and taste, but nothing more. Well, taking a look at the egg and its many health benefits, we’ll see that this tiny food packs a big punch.


Known for its high cholesterol content, specifically in the yolk, the egg has many misconceptions attached to it, many that make over consumption frowned upon. However, it has been proven that the egg does not carry necessarily high rates of bad cholesterol, rather it caries with it dietary cholesterol, which differs from blood level cholesterol. Blood level cholesterol is tied in with increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

In fact, there are actually several different nutrients specific only to the egg that help promote overall health. The yolk of the egg is one of the richest sources of vitamin B complex, something that many in the US lack in their diet. Vitamin B aids in the function of neurons within the brain and also reduces inflammation in the body. Studies also show that eggs are a great food to consume while pregnant, as the vitamins in it help with fetal brain development.

The production of serotonin can be traced back to the consumption of eggs. So maybe the next time you’re feeling down, eat an egg or two and see if it changes your mood. As well as serotonin which controls happiness in the brain, eggs help the production of dopamine and norephinephrine. Need help with your vision and carrots just aren’t your thing? Well, the egg is to the rescue once more. Eggs contain lutein and carotenoids which boost vision and keep eyes healthy.

The high sulfur count in eggs is an essential nutrient that helps with the vitamin B absorption and also with proper liver function. Sulfur is great for the hair, nails and skin. The egg whites are low in calories, and are often the favored option when ordering eggs, simply because of the protein packed inside them. Not usually the go to food after a long, hard sweat in the gym, maybe it should be; eggs are ideal for muscle repair thanks to the mass amount of amino acids inside.

So there you have it, some little known facts about your favorite breakfast treat. Not only do they have no direct link to bad cholesterol, but they’re packed with nutrients that actually boost the body’s overall function and health. So eat up my friends, and enjoy those eggs.


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