Understanding the Signs of Liver Damage



Our liver is an important part to keeping our body healthy, although a lot of the time it gets taken for granted. With all the toxins we put into our body, it is safe to say that the liver is pretty resilient. It makes sure out tissues stay healthy by filtering out all the toxic stuff from our bloodstream, all while self repairing its own issues if need be. It’s ability to regenerate its own tissue is what makes it such a strong part of our body. However, as powerful as it is, it is possible for the liver to become diseased. In these cases early detection is key to making a solid recovery. Knowing the signs of a liver condition is important in seeking out medical treatment. Below are some of the most common signs  of liver dysfunction and how you can avoid serious medical complications.

Stomach Swelling

Normal bloating is one thing, but if you are finding that you stomach seems to be perpetually swollen than you may want to see your doctor. A condition called ascitis is when your liver becomes filled with fluid due to a protein imbalance. This is what causes the potbelly appearance. The swelling can sometimes affect the extremities as well.

Random Bruising

If your liver is not functioning properly then it is not able to produce the proteins that are responsible for clotting blood. Without this assistance, the body becomes more susceptible to being bruised.

Chronic Fatigue

Most of us feel tired a lot of the time, but there is a difference between normal sleepiness and chronic fatigue. If you feel like you are tired and lethargic all the time, even after getting a full night’s sleep, then it may be necessary to schedule a doctor’s visit. If your liver is unable to expel the waste in the body than the oxygen in your blood may drop, causing that tired, weak feeling.

Disinterest in Eating

If you have found that your eating habits have significantly changes, this could be a sign that your liver is having a problem. This can cause nausea, loss of appetite and dramatic weight loss. Flu-like symptoms are not uncommon when dealing with a liver issue. The longer your liver goes untreated, the more severe the pain will become and the disease will dramatically change your outer appearance.



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