Ways to Treat Your Body Right This Holiday Season

Happy Tree

The holiday season is all about good cheer, but it can also bring about additional stress to your mind and body. The demands of the season can lead to extra mental and emotional stress that can then wreak havoc on the body by manifesting into headaches, back pain and shoulder and neck pain. Your chiropractor can help you get through the holiday season by providing you with expert spinal adjustments that will help to relieve the aches and pains caused by holiday stress. In addition, they can also provide you with nutritional support and counseling, helping you remain fit and healthy inside and out!

Here are some tips to help keep you in tip-top shape during the holidays.

Watch out for those treats

It’s tempting to overload on holiday treats during this time, but try and make sure your primary diet this season is not ALL made up of pie and candy! You’ll need as much nutrition as you can to keep your immune system strong during busy and stressed times, so ensure that you are also incorporating raw foods, enough fiber, and drinking plenty of water along with all that champagne and egg-nog!

Make time to move

We know it’s a busy time, but that doesn’t mean that exercise has to fall by the wayside. In addition to keeping your heart and body strong and fit, exercise will also boost your endorphins, keeping you happier and better able to deal with holiday stress. Make time for a morning walk, or take a brisk stroll before your big dinners and meals.

Watch your back

It’s easy during this time to strain your back by overstretching to reach the top of high trees when decorating, or lifting and carrying heavy items improperly. Take care to pay attention to your posture and how you carry gifts, boxes and bags. The last thing you’d want is to be laid up these holidays!

Treat your feet

The holidays can add extra stress to your feet, so make sure that you are wearing the correct shoes when you are walking for miles through a mall or dancing the night away at a holiday party. Remember to take frequent breaks to stretch your feet and avoid weakening of your hamstring muscles. After a long day, give your feet a soothing soak to keep them happy!


Always consult your primary care physician or chiropractor for all your health related advice.

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