Weird & Wacky Things That Stress Does To Your Body

It’s a widely known fact that an amplified amount of stress within your life creates havoc for the body in a variety of different ways. From headaches, to stomach aches, stress affects us all, and not in any way that’s overly positive. Everything from the muscles to overall blood pressure are somehow pulled into the effects of stress, but there are also some things that occur within our bodies that we may not realize are happening due to the stress we accrue.

The Brain Goes Haywire

Stress automatically triggers the release of adrenaline into the system, and too much not only makes the body go a little loopy, but the brain is drastically affected too. With high amounts of hormones running wild in the cranium, the cortical networks, which are responsible for our critical thinking are thrown into high gear, and is often why stress causes us to have clouded judgment and “brain fog”.

Your’e Called To Nature More Often

Stress on the body means that more of the chemical known as corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) is released, and with that comes a large scale disruption of the intestines and their overall ability to function properly. The fight or flight hormones put pressure on the bowels as a defense mechanism, to help you to better be able to flee when needed.

Brain Shirnkage

It may sound horrific, but it’s not as harmful as it may sound. However, with that said, stress does put immense pressure on the brain in a number of ways, and one of them is the lack of communication that the brain has with the rest of the body due to its neurons and pathways being blocked or shrunk by stress hormones. Constant stress causes the brains grey matter to decline over time and can affect emotions and feelings such as anxiety and depression.

Your Ears Ring

you may think that you’ve just spent too long in front of the television, or with the sound too loud with your headphones on, but ringing in the ear is actually a sign of heightened stress within your life. In fact, stressful jobs increase hearing issues by almost 45 percent, according to a study from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute. Much of this is due to the fact that the limbic portion of the brain is kicked into overdrive when you experience stress.

Your Nails Change Colors

Yellowing, even browning, brittle tough nails may not be a sign of poor hygiene if you’re taking care of your body regularly, but it may be a sign of high stress. Raised ridges in the middle of the nails are due to stress and a lack of nutrients being pumped into the fingers and nailbeds.



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