What Happens When You Stop Eating Meat?

vegHave you considered adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet? Only about five percent of people in the United States are vegetarian, and another two percent is vegan. Vegetarians don’t eat meat (though some eat fish) while vegans don’t eat any animal products at all. If you are thinking of cutting out meat, here are some surprising things that can happen to your body.

Your Body Will Be Less Acidic

When you eat dairy, meat and processed foods, then your body becomes acidic. When your body is more acidic it can lead to things such as nausea, headaches, fatigue or even reduced mental clarity. When your body becomes more alkaline by cutting out meat and animal products, these symptoms can disappear and you can feel better.

Your Gut Will Be Happy

If you choose to forgo meat then your gut will be healthier than your meat-eating cohorts. This is because animals raised to be butchered are given antibiotics and hormones. Then, the meat itself is treated with preservatives. When you forget the beef and eat a plant-based diet high in antioxidants, fiber and phytonutrients, it helps to keep the digestive system more balanced and basically just a whole lot cleaner.

In fact, the extra fiber often consumed by vegetarians and vegans can reduce inflammation in the gut, which could contribute to reduced chances of developing diabetes or other metabolic syndromes.

Oh, the Glow!

Cutting out meat is like giving yourself a facial from the inside out. When your digestive system is happy then your skin will be happier too. Vegans and vegetarians often find their eczema, rosacea or acne clears up when they stop eating meat and animal products. Plus, the fiber and antioxidants in plant-based diets contribute to healthier skin.

Lower Risk of Disease

Of course, you have to choose to replace meat with healthy alternatives – not just grab a bag of potato chips and call it a day. But if you do make a change and replace meat with healthy foods then you will find that your chances of heart disease, some cancers, and cardiovascular disease are reduced.

Meat eaters have also been found to be at a higher risk of developing ailments such as chronic inflammation, kidney disease, and even appendicitis.

Cutting out meat may not be for everyone, but certainly reducing the amount of meat you eat with healthy alternatives will improve your health. Try a meatless Monday in your home and see how it makes you feel!

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