Why Are More Men Turning to Female Dominated Workouts?

By nature, men are naturally bigger than women. This, in no way means that they are stronger, and this pertains very well to diet and exercise. While we’re very much of the mindset that men and women certainly can do the same workouts, they don’t necessarily always want to.


In the world of health and fitness today, we see more and more women becoming less intimidated by weight lifting, martial arts and other predominantly male oriented fitness activities. Although this is true, we do still see a mismatch in numbers among men in the gym, throwing around heavy weights than in the Pilates class next door. But those men might be missing out. Switching up workouts, keeps the body guessing, keeps it growing and never lets muscle building plateau. However, most men switch between traditionally male specific workouts. Could these men be missing out on so much more? Check out this list of female dominated exercises that men should try in order to stay fresh in their exercise routines.


Mixing everything from ballet to Pilates, this workout is not for the weak, or for the inflexible. Core strengthening and light weight lifting gives great results in the are of sculpting the body and weight loss. Group settings make this appealing and fun to participate in. Men will love this as it uses all muscle groups and really does a number on the muscles.


Just as with Barre exercises, Pilates helps build a strong core. Men may like this as an alternative to crunches on the gym floor. Increasing flexibility makes the muscles more elongated, which in turn helps them to grow bigger. This could be a hidden gem for those trying to gain some muscle.


Besides the fact that you’d be surrounded by women shaking and thrusting their hips, all while getting sweaty and burning calories, this is just a great workout in itself. Burning almost 10 calories a minute, this is just as effective, if not more so than hitting the gym, and way more fun. A great cardio alternative to the treadmill or elliptical.


Lower body strength as well as a nice calorie burn, what more can you ask for? The legs are one of the most neglected body parts in the gym, especially if you’re a male. This workout not only builds core strength, helps with endurance, but it’s a great way to work the legs that doesn’t involve squats.


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