Yoga Props You Can Make In Your Very Own Home

Money makes the world go ’round, as they say. Nothing has been more true than this, especially in the arena of physical activity and fitness. Equipment, fees, attire, they all ad up and even yoga, one of the the simplest forms of physical activity can set you back a pretty penny, but it really doesn’t have to.


Yoga can be practiced in the comfort of your own living room once you have the basics down, and this will certainly put a little extra green in your pocket. Everything else from straps, mats and blocks can really rack up the price tag and stress you out on something that is supposed to be serene and relaxing. So, here are a few tips and tricks for you to save a little money and still do yoga right.

Yoga mats are essential to being able to properly perform yoga itself, particularly if you are practicing inside on hard wood floors, as most people tend to do. One way to cut down cost is to find a soft cushioned material at your local craft or thrift store, and cutting your own down to size. This will most likely be much less expensive than paying for something that looks exactly the same and serves the same purpose.

Some yogis who are advanced in their practice of yoga utilize straps for certain positions and moves to help them hold poses for lengthy periods of time. These straps can also be used to give a little boost in flexibility and prevent injuries for those who use them in poses they may not be fully comfortable with. Imagine your instructor leads you into a pose that you’re not quite flexible enough to completely achieve. Generally they are made from stretchy rubber or elastic and have straps for the feet to go through. Making your own is as easy as using unwanted ties or bathrobe straps, materials capable of withholding weight when pulled taut.

If you’d like you can even go the extra mile and fashion your own blocks out of any sturdy material of your choosing. These are often used to help elevate those with upper body strength issues. Whatever you decide to do, yoga can be made inexpensive with the use of your imagination and a little hard work.


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