Your Exercise Efforts Are Pointless If You Do Too Much of This

Experts are saying that your workouts may be inefficient if you are prone to too much sitting. Only 20 percent of Americans even get the minimum requirement of daily exercise, but new research is suggesting that even that is not enough to combat the ill effects of too much sitting.

Dr. David Alter, a heart expert at the University of Toronto, has found that even those who move a lot more during the day are still being plagued by their many hours of sitting. Their long hours of sitting are still leading to higher risks of being hospitalized, heart disease, cancer, and early death. Those who sat a majority of their day, or were considered heavy sitters, were also 90 percent more likely to develop diabetes. They were also at an 18 percent higher risk of dying of heart disease and cancer. This was the average percentage between those who did and did not exercise regularly.

The researchers were surprised that the negative effects of sitting were so similar for those who exercised or not. They concluded that the negative metabolic effects of too many hours planted in a chair outweighed any benefits from exercise. Of course, some exercise is beneficial, so don’t disregard it all together. The study found that regular exercise did help combat about 15 percent of the negative effects of sitting.

So what is the solution? The solution is not to give up exercise and just accept the effects of too much sitting. The best solution is to keep on exercising, as well as to make a better effort to sit less during throughout the day. It is important to squeeze as much active time you can within the day.

How to Sit Less with an Office Job

Even though many studies keep suggesting to sit less and move more, that seems unlikely to do when your company pays you to stay seated for up to eight hours each day. The best thing to do if you have an office job is to calculate how many hours you spend sitting each day, not just at your desk, but also at home.

The next step is to incorporate just a few minutes of standing or movement for each hour you sit. So while you may not be able to run around the block in the middle of your work day, you can still sneak in a little less sitting time by getting up regularly for a quick stretch or bathroom break.

Battling the negative effects of too much sitting will take work. Visit The Joint today to help promote better posture and keep your back as healthy as possible.

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