The 3 Step Process To Obtaining Your Dream Physique

If you’re looking to change your physique, lose weight, add muscle, and just be a healthier individual all around, there really are no secrets. It takes dedication, will power, fight, determination and most of all, discipline. Eating well, consistently exercising and engaging in physical activity are really the only keys you need to obtain your fitness goals.


If you’re motivated to change, your attitude needs to reflect the path that you want to follow in. There’s simply no use in wanting something if you’re not going to be positive about the process, even with the ups and the down along the way. Nothing worth fighting for is ever easy, and that comes to be true even more so when aiming for a fitness and health goal.

Visualization, which is often referred to as a mind-muscle connection, is essential to accomplishing your goals. The tools of the trade you use in the gym don’t stop with the weights and machines; they extend to the brain, which may be the biggest and most important tool of all. Imagery, visualization and using the mind to help achieve a goal, is just as important as getting that last rep, and is even used to help with exercises.


The first step in achieving the goals you have set for yourself is to conceive that it can actually be done. No matter where you are in your journey at this present moment, understanding and believing that you will get to where you want to be, no matter how long it takes, is almost half the battle. Conceiving that something can be done, might just set you on the right course to achieving it.


Once you think it can be done, you have to then believe that you can be the one to do it. This is the step where visualization comes more into play. Seeing yourself doing something, seeing your future self look back at this moment with pride, knowing you completed what you set out to complete, is the biggest part of believing in anything. Simply believing in yourself and knowing that you have the ability to achieve your goal will make the difference between success and failure. When times get tough, when you feel like you can’t go in, or when you just don’t feel like hitting the gym, look to the future and ask yourself how you’ll get there. Belief is a powerful thing, especially when it’s in yourself.


Once you’ve set the plan of action in motion, understood what it takes to get there, and seen yourself in your own mind getting to the finish line, it’s time to go out and do it. In order to keep motivation high, do all you can to stay active in a fun way. Going to the gym seven days a week may get boring, so do not be afraid to mix things up. This also applies to your diet, as the cheat meal was designed for a reason. Everything in moderation and you’ll succeed faster than you think.

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